Organizational Change

Helping companies reach their highest level of success”

As a business owner or an executive manager, you have the power to shape the culture of your organization. Business Success is not only measured by revenue and profitability. It is also measured by the culture of your work environment.

Anthony Parnell’s Group of Consultants work with Entrepreneurs, C.E.O.’s, and Executive Managers who are committed to working towards their company or organizations highest level of success in all areas, not just financially. If you are passionate about creating a company culture in which you can have the highest level of confidence that the majority of your employees would answer “Yes” to the following questions, then we probably are a great fit to begin working together to achieve holistic success for your company (business or organization):

  • Do your employees love working for your company (love coming to work every day)?
  • Do your employees feel that they are growing professionally?
  • Do your employees feel that their skills, talents and experience are fully utilized (fully maximized)?
  • Do your employees feel that they are appreciated and valued as employees?


Anthony Parnell’s Group of Consultants represent a number of service areas that are critical to the maintenance and growth of companies and non-profit organizations (i.e. Strategic Planning and Execution/Implementation; Sales; Marketing; Staff Recruitment, Retention and Development). Beginning with an initial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your company or organization, we then pool the resources of our broad team of partner consultants to provide you with immediate access to specialized areas of expertise that are currently needed by your business or non-profit organization. In developing and implementing a plan to address the short-term as well as long-term needs and goals of your company, we utilize a Business Assessment and Intervention Model which encompasses “Seven Key Areas of Business.” Thus, our diverse group of consultants span the scope of these “Seven Key Areas of Business.”